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Guidelines for reporting across multiple tests

Multi-test reports

Aside from the Tabular report, there are six other report types that allow you to look at multiple tests simultaneously. They fall into two categories – reports designed to combine results for tests sat closely together, and reports designed to assess progress over time.

Tests administered within three months

The Console, Console – Comparisons and Group Learning Pathway are intended for tests that were administered around the same time. For example, when you have created three Reading tests and targeted them to different abilities, and students sat the test roughly at the same time, you can display the aggregated results on these reports.

Generating a Console, Console – Comparisons or Group Learning Pathway for these tests taken closely together will combine the results as if they all came from one test. On the report, you cannot separate out which results came from which test.

Although e-asTTle does not restrict you to only using Console, Console - Comparisons and Group Learning Pathways for tests administered within three months, use caution when aggregating tests over a longer time period. In particular, Group Learning Pathways collected over long periods may misrepresent students’ current strengths and weaknesses.

Child working on a laptop.

Tests administered more than three months apart

Progress, Progress – Comparisons and Progress by Term reports are intended for tests administered at least three months apart. Progress by Term automatically combines all results from multiple tests in the same school term. Each term on the report will have one box-and-whisker representing the combination of results.

Progress and Progress-Comparisons display results from different tests as separate box-and-whisker plots. This means that even if two tests have been sat within a three month period, two separate box-and-whisker plots display. Note that if you assign the same test within a three month period, these results are aggregated and reported as one box-and-whisker plot.


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