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Using e-asTTle with learners at home

Situations such as the COVID-19 alert level lockdowns or home isolation requirements mean that schools and teachers have been supporting students through learning at home. Students are likely to experience a wide variety of learning conditions when this happens. These could include differences in workspaces, access to devices and the internet, whānau support, family circumstances, and the emotional and motivational disposition of students.

These resources provide advice and support for those schools considering using e-asTTle remotely with learners who are not able to attend school. The content includes advice, considerations for testing, practical support, and guidance on how the data should be used and interpreted.


Using e-asTTle with learners at home - webinar 


Using e-asTTle with learners at home (link to Vimeo)

Screenshot of opening image in video Using e-asTTle with learners at home. Links to Vimeo site.

Select image to watch video in Vimeo.

Using e-asTTle for learners at home - PDF booklet


Cover of PDF booklet Using e-asTTle for learning at home.

Using e-asTTle with learners at home - Powerpoint


First slide from Powerpoint  presentation for Using e-asTTle with learners at home.

Resources developed by Evaluation Associates | Te Huinga Kākākura Mātauranga for the Ministry of Education.

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