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Resources for e-asTTle Writing

e-asTTle cut score tables

The e-asTTle Cut Score Tables enable the e-asTTle scores for reading and mathematics to be converted to curriculum levels and vice versa.

Note: There are no lower bounds for <2b and no upper bounds for >6a.

e-asTTle norms and curriculum expectations by quarter: Reading and Mathematics (September 2010)

The e-asTTle norm tables show the e-asTTle norms and curriculum levels expected for reading and mathematics by year level and time of the year.

Viewing e-asTTle reports in Internet Explorer

e-asTTle is no longer supported in Internet Explorer.

e-asTTle and assessment for learning

The e-asTTle assessment tool is designed to support assessment for learning by providing teachers with a way to collect and use assessment information to help students to learn. This document provides guidance to teachers on how to use e-asTTle effectively to enhance students' assessment skills and learning.


A glossary of terms commonly used in e-asTTle

You can download a PDF here or access the Glossary online.

e-asTTle Writing resources

Marking resources for e-asTTle Writing

Find resources you need for marking e-asTTle writing.

PLD resources for e-asTTle writing

Find resources for professional learning in e-asTTle writing.

e-asTTle norms and curriculum expectations by quarter: Writing (July 2013)

These Writing norms and curriculum expectations have been compiled in response to teacher requests. The mean curriculum levels come directly from e-asTTle writing. The curriculum expectations for Year 4-10 are the same as used for Reading, which vary slightly from those used for Mathematics. The expectations for Years 1-3 have been extrapolated downwards from Year 4.

e-asTTle writing manual

You can download a copy of the e-asTTle writing manual from the link below.

e-asTTle Writing background information

See e-asTTle Writing tool - Background information for links with the NZ Curriculum and ways to use e-asTTle Writing results.

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