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Reports and research

Student Outcome Information Kits

The Student Achievement in New Zealand information kit provides information on student achievement in reading, writing, and mathematics, while He Kete Raraunga describes student achievement in pānui, tuhituhi, and pāngarau. Both kits utilise data from the CD-ROM version of asTTle, which forms the basis of e-asTTle.

Information about the kits, and downloadable documents, can be accessed on the Education Counts website.

Attitude domains in e-asTTle

The asTTle CD-ROM includes a set of attitude questions based on the NEMP attitude questions that were included in all test areas, and this set was also included in e-asTTle in 2008.

Further research was conducted to develop a set of attitude domains that would provide schools with a broader range of attitude questions to choose from.

This report outlines the various constructs that were assessed for additional attitude or personality sets, and the relevant constructs that were ultimately included as e-asTTle personality/attitude domains.

Download Research and Work Programme Summary - Attitude Domains in e-asTTle here:

All asTTle technical reports for the CD-ROM versions 1 to 4 can be found here.

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