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Access to e-asTTle

The Ministry of Education is committed to ensuring all schools can access e-asTTle.

e-asTTle is free of charge for use by New Zealand schools.

If your school does not already have access to e-asTTle and wants to be registered, please contact the Education Service Desk.

If you are already an e-asTTle registered school, information about setting up can be found in our Frequently asked questions: Set up steps for e-asTTle schools.

Access for teachers:

Access for teachers requires a two step process:

  1. Access to e-asTTle is maintained via the Education Sector Logon (ESL) system. Accordingly, any school staff member will require their own ESL account (username and password).
  2. To apply for access to the e-asTTle application, please refer to your school's EPA authoriser(s) as they have the ability to submit your access requests online. 

If you are not sure who your school's EPA authoriser(s) are, please contact the Education Service Desk on 0800 422 599 or service.desk@education.govt.nz.

Please note: The Education Service Desk will no longer be accepting paper forms from teachers for e-asTTle and other ESL enabled school applications.

See below or visit the EPA webpage for further details.

The Education sector logon Provisioning Application (EPA) is an online application which helps schools manage Education Sector Logons and enables delegated authorisers to request staff access to the following applications:

  • e-asTTle
  • NZQA Extranet for secondary school users
  • PaCT

To become an EPA authoriser, the principal or delegated authoriser(s) in your school will need to complete the EPA Authoriser Request form

Further information

If you have any further queries about Education Sector Logons or the EPA tool, you are welcome to contact the Education Service Desk on 0800 422 599 (Select option 2 for passwords, option 4 for all other queries) or email service.desk@education.govt.nz 

Access for external co-ordinators:

Link to the e-asTTle access request form (External Co-ordinators) below.

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