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How to become an External Coordinator

e-asTTle access for Schools and External Coordinators is maintained via the Education Sector Logon, also known as the Education Sector Authentication and Authorisation (ESAA).

Setting up External Coordinator access

To set up External Coordinator access, you must first download the e-asTTle External Coordinator Request form.

After you have completed the request form, submit it to the Education Service Desk.

Once your form has been approved and processed, the Education Service Desk will e-mail your External Coordinator account details (User ID, Password, and other key information).

Logging in to e-asTTle

Login to e-asTTle – via the Education Sector Logon (use the "Teacher login" option).

The e-asTTle system will now recognise you. At this point, you cannot access any school data. However, your name will be loaded and available in the External Coordinator list for schools to select.

Approach the various schools you will be working with to gain permission to access their data. Seek out e-asTTle staff who have the School Leader role as they can provide you access to their school’s e-asTTle data.

Once they have completed the process, the next time you log in to e-asTTle you will have access to that school’s e-asTTle data.

e-asTTle users with the School Leader role can enable or disable permission at any time.

Once permission is disabled, all access to that school stops, yet you will still be able to view the reports for any e-asTTle tests that you have created for that school.

If a school removes you as an External Coordinator, then reinstates you, access resumes as before.

External Coordinator permission – details for setting up School Leader role.

How do I see which schools’ e-asTTle data I can access?

  1. Login to e-asTTle.
  2. Select "Manage Students" from the left-hand menu.
  3. Select "Schools You Can Access".
  4. You will see the current list of schools you have permission to access.


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