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Student portal and test player »
The student portal and test player are touch compatible. This allows use on desktops and 9+inch tablet devices with touch screens.


Student portal and test player minimum device requirements »
Minimum device requirements for most commonly used devices.


Student login and managing passwords »
How to access login screens and manage passwords.


Finding and sitting a test »
How to find, view and sit a test.


Viewing reports with a student login »
Your students can view reports via the student portal.


Practice test scripts »
Practice tests are designed to familiarise you and your students with e-asTTle online before sitting a real test.


Troubleshooting the test player »
There are several technical problems students could encounter while sitting a test. This page covers the different types of error messages students might see in e-asTTle and under what scenario you would expect to see them.


Student portal and test player field trials »
The background to developing a new player that could replace the old player while modernising the player interface and making it accessible from a range of devices without impacting students' test performance.


e-asTTle onscreen question types »
There are nine types of questions in e-asTTle. Practice Tests for each subject are available which include most of the different types of questions that can appear in e-asTTle tests.


Accommodations and accessibility »
Suggestions for accommodation that can be made for students with identified learning needs.


iPad scrollbars removed »
Information about how to assist students using iPad OS 13, which does not have visible scrollbars.

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