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Student portal and test player minimum device requirements

Device requirements are outlined for Chromebooks, Windows PCs, Mac, iPads, and Android. In addition, there is information about how to make sure the browser is at full width. Links to related information are at the bottom of the page.

Please note that the Internet Explorer browser is no longer supported. 

Make sure the browser is at full width – you can find out more about browser width on this page.


Students who are using Chromebooks should be able to access the student portal easily. Make sure students are using their browsers in full-width mode.

Windows PCs

Students need an up-to-date version of Chrome, Firefox, or Edge.  Students should use their browsers in full-width mode. 

Please note Internet Explorer browser is no longer supported.

If students have hybrid devices such as a Surface Pro, make sure the external keyboard is used and remains attached throughout the test.


Students need to be running Chrome or Safari. Their browser should be in full-width mode.


Students need a full-sized iPad. The two most recent major iPadOS versions with the Safari browser are supported.

Do not use iPad Minis.

Remind your students to scroll to check if the reading passage – or multichoice options – go beyond what they can initially see onscreen.

More information - iPad scrollbars removed


The two most recent AndroidOS versions with the Chrome browser are supported.

Only Androids with 9-inch or greater screen size are currently supported for e-asTTle testing.

Why can’t my students use iPad Minis or smaller Androids for e-asTTle?

International research recommends a minimum 9-inch screen size for standardised testing. Students should not experience performance advantages or disadvantages based on the device they are using.

Make sure the browser is full width

Before you start a test, e-asTTle will check your browser window is wide enough to display the content.

You may see an "Oops" page. This will occur if your computer is not wide enough. Or, maybe you or your students have made changes to the window width, and it does not go all the way across.

Screenshot showing error message "Oops, there's something wrong - tell your teacher!"

In the example above, the first paragraph indicates the browser is currently 775px wide.

For desktop devices (Windows, Chromebooks or Macs), you need 1260px width or 1280px including the scrollbar. Most modern devices will meet these criteria provided you have opened your browser using the full width of the screen.

If you have an older computer, you may want to check its resolution.

To fix the problem:

  • make the screen bigger
  • reload the page. 

To reload the page either select "click here to reload the page" or hit the browser refresh button.


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