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Student portal and test player

The student portal and test player are touch compatible. This allows use on desktops and 9-inch or wider tablet devices with touch screens.

Screenshot of student portal login screen with username and password fields.

Practice tests

Teachers and students can access, without logging in, practice tests for each subject at any time.

Practice test scripts – practice test scripts are available for Reading, Maths, Pānui, Pāngarau.

Connectivity enhancements

Students are less likely to lose their work if they get disconnected while taking a test.

To learn how e-asTTle has been enhanced to better handle situation where the test player loses internet connection, download e-asTTle connectivity enhancements.

Student portal

Students can take tests on 9-inch or wider tablet devices that have the necessary browser and screen resolution.

Minimum device requirements – information about requirements for a range of devices (for example, Chromebook, Mac, iPad).

Test player

The test player is used when:

  • students sit onscreen tests
  • teachers view onscreen tests.
Screenshot of student portal in Sit Test screen, with options to choose between two tests - Reading or Reading level 4.

Desktop view

For desktops, the reading passage and question display side-by-side.

Screenshot of student portal showing side-by-side display of a reading passage and questions.

Select image to view at larger size.

Tablet view

For tablets (iPad/Android), the reading passage displays above the question.

Screenshot of e-asTTle student portal showing reading passage with questions below.

Select image to view it at larger size.


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