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Assign Test

You can find more information by selecting the blue link-text below.


Assigning tests »
Step by step instructions for assigning tests.


Creating test assignments »
How-to guide for creating test assignments.


Managing test assignments »
Guidance for viewing, changing, and deleting assignments.


Student exclusions »
Find out how to use the Student Exclusions feature. Use this function carefully – once they are made, exclusions cannot be reversed.


Practice test scripts »
Has key information about practice tests and links to downloadable PDFs of practice test scripts.


Student portal and test player: Minimum device requirements »
Outlines what is required for a range of devices (for example, Chromebooks, iPads) students might use.


Test administration guidelines »
Guidelines to be read prior to students sitting test.


Accommodation and accessibility »
Information on supporting students with vision impairment and other learning needs.

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