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Import and manage students

You can find more information by selecting the blue link-text below.


Importing students »
On a regular basis, you must import student and group data into e-asTTle using a data file from your SMS system.


Import – Troubleshooting »
Occasionally you will see "errors" after carrying out an import. Find out how you can troubleshoot this issue.


Import – FAQs »
You can find answers to frequently asked questions.


Managing student information »
You can access results and targets for individual students, find and reset students’ usernames and passwords, managing student demographic or group information.


Managing group information »
In order to be assigned a test, your students must belong to a group. The three types of groups are Class/Year, Customised, and Super-groups.


Student Result Summary »
Displays scores from all e-asTTle tests a student has taken within a subject and allows you to report on individual students longitudinally and across schools.


Target setting »
Has information about target setting, including the benefits of target setting, how to set targets, how to interpret the target graph and more.


e-asTTle norms – Reading and Maths »
e-asTTle Norms reflect the data collected in e-asTTle from 2007 until 2010 when the most recent re-calibration took place. For Reading and Maths, norms are available for Year 4 to Year 12.


Resetting student passwords »
You can find out how to reset passwords and locked or expired accounts.


Printing student login cards »
Instructions for how to print these cards.


Student Password Status »
You might notice that when you reset student passwords, they no longer automatically revert to "password". Find and manage student login information.

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