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Help with e-asTTle

Follow the links below for detailed information and guidance for school leaders and teachers on using the e-asTTle assessment tool. 

Before you begin, please read this important information about using e-asTTle during peak hours.

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Using e-asTTle during peak times

We are aware that e-asTTle servers have been experiencing technical challenges – particularly when dealing with high user demand during peak assessment times.


To address these issues, we have increased the capacity of the e-asTTle servers to strengthen performance and access and will continue to monitor usage data to help us improve e-asTTle services into the future.


As this work is ongoing, you may experience disruptions when using the tool during peak times until it is complete. 


To help ensure a smooth e-asTTle experience for yourself and your students, please take one or more of the following steps:


  • Administer e-asTTle assessments during off-peak times wherever possible. Peak times in Term 1 are Monday to Thursday, during Weeks 3 – 5, between 9am – 11am.
  • Administer assessments by classes rather than by large year/group cohorts.
  • Administer paper-based assessments. 
  • Primary schools administer from Week 6.
  • Use the previous end-of-year e-asTTle result (if available) rather than retesting at the start of the year (either information from contributing school or through "in school" transition processes). 
  • Avoid using the following e-asTTle features during peak morning times (9am – 11am):
    • Create New Test
    • Mark Test
    • View Reports
    • Summaries & Targets
    • Manage Students, including Resetting Passwords (have this prepared in advance)
    • Import
    • Practice Test

Thank you for your support. If you have any further questions, please email our Service Desk at service.desk@education.govt.nz, or call on 0800 225 5428 (Option 2). 


You can also contact your Regional Ministry office for assistance.

Additional information

Getting started with e-asTTle

Make sure e-asTTle has the latest data from your Student Management System (SMS). This must be re-imported regularly. Read "Importing students" for information about this. 

Education Service Desk

The service desk can help with issues not found in this Help section or the FAQ section of this site. 

You can contact the Education Service Desk by phone or email Monday to Friday, between the hours of 7.30am and 5:30pm. 

User manuals

The current e-asTTle writing manual contains technical information. 

e-asTTle writing: The technical report

The technical report describes key aspects of the development of the e-asTTle writing assessment tool. It provides an overview of the development process. 

e-asTTle Student Help Guide v1.3

e-asTTle Student Help Guide is available on the e-asTTLe Student Login page when you select the question mark icon next to the login tab.

Deleted manuals

These old manuals have been removed: 

  • e-asTTle educator manual 
  • external co-ordinator manual 
  • student manual. 

Deleted manuals still available

Deleted manuals are still available for reference. 

If you need a deleted manual: 

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