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Facilitated training

e-asTTle training opportunities are available throughout New Zealand at no cost to participants. This initial support is funded by the Ministry of Education and provided by Evaluation Associates (EA) facilitators. The training is in the form of introductory regional workshops and some online courses.

Workshops and online courses in Term 3 and 4 2020 are available for registration – visit the Evaluation Associates website.

The workshops will be full-day, and the online courses will be 3x 1 hour over consecutive weeks. 

Full-day workshops cover:

  • e-asTTle writing
  • e-asTTle reading and maths
  • Developing expertise in using e-asTTle

Online courses cover:

  • Part 1 – Beginners guide to e-asTTle S1
  • Part 2 – Beginners guide to e-asTTle S1
  • Part 3 – Beginners guide to e-asTTle S1 

To request assistance or further information, please contact info@evaluate.co.nz

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