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User Roles in e-asTTle

To use e-asTTle, you will need an Education Sector Logon that has been set up for e-asTTle access.

To gain e-asTTle access, please see your school’s ESL Authoriser (ESL is an online application that helps schools manage Education Sector Logons).

Access issues or ESL Authoriser unknown

If your school does not already have access to e-asTTle and wants to be registered, please email [email protected].

If your school is unsure if they have an ESL Authoriser, please contact the Education Service Desk on 0800 422 599 or [email protected].

External Co-ordinator

If you are an External Co-ordinator you will need to follow a different process to access e-asTTle.

e-asTTle User Roles

The table below highlights the tasks and actions carried out by each of the e-asTTle Roles.

Actions denoted by an asterisk* can be carried out only if you are:

  • the Test Owner (you created the test)
  • the Group Owner (you created the group).

For example, if you are set up with the Teacher role, you will be able to edit tests that you created, but you will not be able to edit tests created by other teachers in your school.

  School Administrator Teacher External Coordinator School Leader MoE Administrator Student
Creating Tests
Create Test        
View Test        
Edit Test   √* √*      
Replace Questions   √* √*      
Accept Test   √* √*      
Rename Test   √* √*      
Mark Test        
Assign Test        
Deleting Tests
Pending √* √*      
Managing Students
Add New Student          
View Student Details      
Edit/Delete Student Details          
Add Group      
View Group Details      
Edit/Delete Group Details √* √*      
View Reports       √ILP, IQA, and Progress
Sit Test            
Import Student Data        
Edit Research Data Settings          
Enable permission for External Coordinators           
Merge duplicate student records          
Overnight Report Requests    
Finish Now        


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