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Numeracy Project test reports

Two reports are available for numeracy tests – Tabular Report and Skyline Report.

Tabular Report
The Tabular Report is a .csv file listing your students, their demographic information, and the Numeracy Project stages.

You can view the Tabular Report in Excel. Tabular reports are available for single tests and multiple tests.

Skyline Report

The Skyline Report is a series of bar graphs for each domain. This will show you how many students (and which students) are at each stage.

Skyline reports are available for single tests only.

Numeracy Tabular Report

Screenshot of e-asTTle Tabular Report for a NumPA test, presented on a .csv spreadsheet. Report Created on 18 February 2013. The report presents Test ID, Test name, Test Type, Date Modified, Student Master ID, NSN ID, Last Name, First Name, Funding Year, Date Tested, Gender, Language, Ethnicity. Column A and row 4 are highlighted in gold, and in row 4, a thick black line indicates Test ID 964.

Select image to view it at a larger size.

Creating a Tabular Report

  1. Select "Create New Test"’ from left menu.
  2. Select "Numeracy Project".
  3. Select the check-box next to your test name, then select "Tabular Report".

You can create Tabular reports across multiple numeracy tests by clicking multiple check-boxes.

N/A represents either a data value not available or a domain not applicable for this test.

Skyline Report

Select the check-box next to your test name, then select "Skyline Report".

The Skyline Report is similar to the e-asTTle Curriculum Levels Report, but it reports against numeracy stages for each domain rather than curriculum levels.

Clicking on the domain links to the names of the students that have achieved in that stage. This is useful for grouping students by their achievement in each domain.

Screenshot report of Skyline Report for NumPA 2011 Group 7. Shows eight bar graphs: Addition and Subtraction, Multiplication and Division, Proportion and Ratio, Number Word Sequence, Number Identification, Fractions, Place Value, Basic Fact. A vertical line to the left of the bar graphs display Percentage of Group from 0 to 60.

Select image to view it at larger size.


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