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Every so often in e-asTTle there is a re-evaluation of the underlying e-asTTle score scale. This can be a result of a process called recalibration where new questions are trialled and introduced or the difficulty values for existing questions are updated.

This most recently happened for e-asTTle writing on 18 April 2013.

Other re-calibration dates:

  • reading - 24 April 2010
  • maths - 18 September 2010

If you are viewing reports for older tests, you may occasionally see some warning and error messages referring to re-calibration. You should only create aggregate reports based on tests created either prior to or after re-calibration. A report will not be generated if tests from both times are included (with the exception of Tabular Reports).

For Reading and Maths Tabular reports, a conversion has been applied to the pre-recalibration overall scores and levels. When the tabular report is run for pre-recalibration tests, the overall score column and the overall level column will automatically display values that have been converted to the new scale. The conversion will not be applied to strand scores or deep/surface scores.


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