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Curriculum Levels Report

This report addresses the question, “How are my students performing relative to curriculum level targets?”

It shows you the distribution of students across curriculum levels, for each strand you selected during test creation. This report lets you monitor how teaching and learning activities affect your students’ progress between curriculum levels.

The "Curriculum Levels" report only displays a maximum of three levels. The three levels selected are those with the majority of students. Students who fall outside these levels will be displayed as > or <. For example, if the lowest displayed level is 3, students with scores in level 2 will be presented as <3B.

To see lists of students that fall in the various sub-levels for the different curriculum areas either select the curriculum strand link below the graphs or scroll down.

Only writing reports contain sub-levels 1B, 1P, and 1A. For other subjects, students achieving below Level 2 are represented as <2B.

Screenshot showing "Curriculum Levels" report data.

Select the image to view it at a larger size.


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