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Updating student details

  1. Go to the TKI e-asTTle page http://e-asttle.tki.org.nz/ and click on Login as a teacher link
    e-asTTle login.
  2. Enter your ESL User ID and Password
  3. Select Manage students from the menu on the left
  4. Select Manage existing students, listed under Student details
  5. Enter Student name or use appropriate drop-down options to search for a student
  6. Select Search
  7. Tick the check-box next to a student, you may need to scroll down to find the required student
  8. Select Change
  9. Make the required changes for the student from the Student details and Groups fields
  10. Select Save

    Note: All teachers can view student details, but you can only edit and delete students if you are an e-asTTle administrator. 

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