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Assigning tests

For frequently asked questions about assigning tests, please click on the links below.

I've selected the school that I want to assign a test to, but the students in the school are not displayed.

When assigning a test, you must select the school and then a group within the school. Once you select a group, the students within that group will be listed and you can select one, many, or all of the students to assign the test to.

A student I want to assign a test to is not listed.

You need to make sure that the student is in the group you have selected. You can check what students are included in the groups you have made by going to the Manage Student screen (available from the left hand menu).

How does the Date Available work when you are assigning a test?

If you want to make the assignment available to the students straight away, you can click the "Now" tickbox next to the Date Available. If you want to set the Date Available to be in the future, you can change it in the date and time fields, but make sure the "Now" tickbox is not ticked.

Can I limit when during the day students can sit the onscreen test, so they can’t sit it outside of school hours?

Yes – if the test is an onscreen test and you have selected a Due Date and Date Available which spans more than 24 hours, then you will also be able to set when within that date range the student can sit the test. You can let the students sit the test:

  • "Anytime"
  • during "School Hours", that is, between 9:00 and 16:00 weekdays only
  • on "Weekdays", that is anytime on weekdays only.

I keep getting a message telling me that the date available I have specified is in the past, but I haven't changed the Date Available and it looks like it is a few minutes in the future.

The system's current date and time default into this field when you first enter the screen, but as it takes some time to pick the students you want to assign the test to, the time is likely to lapse. Also, it is the e-asTTle system's date that is being checked and this may not exactly match the date/time on your computer. If you want the test to be available immediately, click the "Now" tickbox next to the Date Available.

Can I edit or delete an assignment?

Yes – you can edit or delete an assignment if the Date Available has not passed or if a student has not started or completed the test assignment. For details on how to edit or delete an assignment, refer to: http://easttlehelp.vln.school.nz/.

Is it a good idea to re-use the same test with a class at the start and the end of the year, say, if I want to compare the before and after performance of my class?

This is not necessary within e-asTTle as all the items are calibrated onto the same scale. You can create a similar test (by selecting the Create Similar Test button from the Create Test options screen) to use as your post-test. By using a different test assessing similar concepts, you minimise the practice and memory factors and maximise the probability of measuring the curricula concept.

Can I assign the same test to the same group, or a different group of students, and view the results on the test separately from previous times students have sat the test?

If you want to administer a test again and do not want the test scores to be combined with the scores from previous times that you have had students sit the test, you should create a copy of the original test (by selecting the Copy Existing Test button from the Create Test options screen) and administer this instead of the original.

Why do I have to select a school, then a group, when I assign my test?

The school drop-down menu is present because some e-asTTle users work across multiple schools (that is, External Coordinators).

Who can delete an assignment?

Both teachers and e-asTTle administrators can delete assignments.

If 28 of 30 students have completed a test, how do I find out which students have not sat the test?

You will need to compare the Tabular Report with the Assignment list (found under Manage Assignments). Students who have not sat the test will be present in the Assignments list, but will not appear on the Tabular Report.

How do I assign a numeracy test?

Click on the Create New Test button on the left hand menu, and then select Numeracy Project. When you add a new Numeracy test, you will be asked to select the students you wish to assign the test to.

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