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Managing students/groups

For frequently asked questions about managing students/groups, please select from the links below. 

Why would I create a group?

A group is a way of listing a logical subset of students within a school. Tests are assigned to students within a group. To be able to assign a test to a student, they must be included in a group.

There are three main types of groups you can create:

  • Class/Year groups – for all the different classes and year groups in the school.
  • Customised groups – for students showing particular ability levels (for example, an advanced reading group).
  • Super-groups – a group made up of several existing groups (for example, all the advanced reading groups in one group).

Use super-groups when your school wishes to track the progress of a set of target groups over time.

What if the group is deleted?

The students in a group will not be deleted if the group is deleted, nor will any tests assigned to a student via the group. Only the teacher who added the group (or an administrator) can change or delete a group

What do the red and orange colours mean on the "Locked" column on the "Manage Students by Assignment" page?

Under the "Locked" column there are three different colours:

  • Black text - The student has a new account.
  • Orange text - The student has logged in for the first time and changed their password.
  • Red text - The student has entered an incorrect password six or more times and their account is now locked. You will need to reset their password.

How can I view/reset the passwords for a group of students?

Select the students included in the same assignment, and reset or view their passwords, by going to the "Manage Student by Assignment" screens. This can only be accessed for an onscreen test that has begun.

I have a super-group, but I can only see the names of the contributing groups. How can I see the individual students in the groups?

You will need to determine which groups are included in the higher-order groups, and then use the "Manage Existing Students" screen to view the individual students.

If you are an external External Coordinator, you can view your students in your cohort group's individual groups by selecting the school and school group on the "Manage Existing Students" screen. If you created the groups, select the blank option from the "School" drop-down to view your groups in the groups drop-down.

I am an External Coordinator, and some students in a cohort group I created are no longer there.

If a student changes schools, when the old school removes the student, the student will be removed from the cohort group as well. A student may remain active across two schools when the old school does not remove the student before the new school imports or adds them into e-asTTle. If you are unsure about the student's status across schools, it is best to create the cohort group again, using the student's most current SMS ID. All reports created in e-asTTle will be unaffected and the student results can still be viewed on the reports.

See Help with e-asTTle - Different features available for External Coordinators for more information.

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