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Importing student data

For frequently asked questions about importing student data, please select from the links below.

Can I import student data into e-asTTle from my SMS?

Yes, many SMS support the ability to automatically upload student and student class/group details to e-asTTle. Follow the appropriate link below for further information about your SMS.

All other SMS applications

  1. Extract all student and class/group details from your SMS. This extract will need to be in the asTTle v4 file format.
  2. Upload the file produced to the Web Portal that is used for the uploading of other student data files (for example, the Roll Return File) to the Ministry of Education.
  3. The Ministry of Education will then (on your behalf) upload the file to e-asTTle. Once this has been completed, you will receive an email confirming that your students and class/groups have been successfully uploaded into e-asTTle.

Why does importing student data seem to take a very long time?

When student data is imported into e-asTTle, e-asTTle must create linkages between each student and the classes/groups that they are associated with. If there is a large number of students and/or classes/groups, this process could take a long time.

Some simple steps to streamline this process:

  • Only export relevant classes/groups from your SMS. Do not include students grouped by subjects that are not assessed by e-asTTle in your .ast file (for example, exclude students associated with Science).
  • Import student data outside of school hours. This will lessen the processing demand on e-asTTle and reduce the impact on other teachers and students.

Why do I get an error message saying the student’s NSN is already being used?

Even though a student's NSN is not mandatory in e-asTTle, the NSN is validated by e-asTTle to be unique (not alone within the school but also across multiple schools).

When you get a message saying that a student's NSN is already used, please check the following possibilities:

  • The student could be active in more than one school -  the student will be directed to select a school when logging into e-asTTle. If the student is not expected to be active in any school other than yours, you can inform the other school(s) to delete the student in e-asTTle.
  • The student could have been active previously in your school - if this is the case, no action is required.
  • Another student (within your school or another school) has the same NSN - unless the NSN ID is made unique, the student cannot be imported/added. Check ENROL to find out which student NSN is correct. Then make the required changes in your SMS system and export the .ast file again. If it is not clear contact the Education Service Desk.

More information:

Why do I get the error message "Import of <filename> failed..." even when the file I am importing has validated successfully?

Check that all the Years in the file are within the e-asTTle supported range of 1 to 13.

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