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Viewing tests

For frequently asked questions about viewing tests, please click on the links below.

I can't view the tests I've created, or any reports.

Check if you are able to view PDFs from any other websites. If you can't, then check that your browser pop-up blocker is not enabled – you may need help from your asTTle administrator to do this.

If the test is an onscreen test, can I still print out the Test Resources?

Yes, you can print out the test resources by selecting the "Print Options" button in the "View Test" screen, which will bring up the "Print Options" screen, listing the different components of a test that you can print.

If a student is sitting a reading or pānui test onscreen, can I print out the reading passages so they can read them on paper?

Yes, for reading and pānui you can print out a Reading Passages booklet. This is available from the "Print Options" screen, which can be reached by selecting the "Print Options" button in the "View Test" screen.

My Numeracy Project tests do not appear in the "View Existing tests" list. How can I access my Numeracy Project information?

To create new Numeracy Project tests and to view existing Numeracy Project tests, you will need to click on the "Create New Test" button on the left menu, and then select "Numeracy Project".

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