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Screen behaviour

For frequently asked questions about screen behaviour, please click on the links below.

[Mac] I can't TAB through the screen - this definitely used to work when I was marking a test in asTTle.

In general, Mac's do not handle tabbing through a website on a browser very well - whether the site is e-asTTle, yahoo.com or any other site. If you are a Mac user, you should use your mouse to click on fields and buttons.

When there are two or more users logged onto e-asTTle on the same computer at the same time it keeps wanting to kick one of us off the system.

This is standard browser behaviour. Browsers generally do not like it if you have two or more users logged onto the same system using the same browser session. Only one user should be logged on to a particular browser session at a time. So, the previous user should log off first, and then the new user can log on.

[Mac] When I open the Tabular Report (CSV or PDF) it opens in a separate browser window. I thought it would open in Excel or Acrobat.

This is standard Mac behaviour. If you are in a browser and open a file, for example, CSV or PDF file, Mac will open the file in a separate browser window. To be able to manipulate the CSV file, you should save it to a secure location and then open it using the application you prefer, for example, Excel.

When creating a group, when I hit the Enter button on my keyboard, rather than moving onto the next screen, I return to the previous page.

You must click on the appropriate button on the screen, rather than pressing the Enter button on your keyboard. If you just hit the Enter button, then the Cancel button, which is currently highlighted onscreen, will be selected.

When I try to click on any links or buttons, I get an Internal Server Error.

This occurs when you are logged in as both a teacher and a student in two separate tabs. You will need to log out of one of the sessions.

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