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Maths attitude questions

When creating a maths test you will be asked to choose a set of maths attitude questions. Only the headings for each set are shown, but you can view the sets of questions below.

Attitude – General

  • I like maths at school.
  • I am good at maths.
  • My teacher thinks I am good at maths.
  • My family/whānau think I am good at maths.
  • I enjoy doing maths in my own time (not at school).
  • I enjoy doing things in maths that I haven’t tried before.

Engagement – General

  • At school, I feel like I am included in things.
  • I make friends easily at school.
  • School is a place where I feel I belong.
  • I do not feel awkward and out of place at school.
  • Other students seem to like me at school.
  • I do not feel lonely at school.

Motivation – General

  • I try hard to make sure that I am good at my school work.
  • When I am improving in my school work, I try even harder.
  • The harder the problem the harder I try.
  • I try hard at school because I am interested in my work.
  • I work hard to try and understand new things at school.
  • I am always trying to do better in my school work.
  • I like being given the chance to do something again to make it better.
  • I try harder when schoolwork is interesting.

Motivation – Mathematics

  • It is very important to me to be good at maths.
  • I try to get more maths answers right than my friends.
  • I like hard, challenging maths.
  • I do as much school work as possible in maths.
  • I like to help my friends with their maths school work.
  • I like it when the maths examples are hard.

Interest – Mathematics

  • I think maths is exciting and interesting.
  • I never get tired of doing maths.
  • I like to do and think about maths outside of school.
  • I think maths helps me to understand life.
  • I think that maths helps people make important decisions.
  • Maths is not boring.

Self-Regulation – General

  • During class time I pay attention most of the time.
  • When reading for this subject, I make up questions to help my focus.
  • When I become confused about something I’m reading for this subject, I go back and try to figure it out.
  • I ask myself questions to make sure I understand the material that I’ve been studying in class.
  • When studying for this subject, I try and work out which concepts I don’t understand well.
  • If I get confused taking notes in class, I make sure I sort it out afterwards.

Download the Maths attitude question set:

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