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Choosing a writing/tuhituhi prompt

Use your professional judgment when choosing a prompt to ensure that it is appropriate for your students.

While you are creating your writing/tuhituhi test, you can click on the thumbnail images next to the test name to view each prompt.

  • Think about the level of abstract thought required. For example, Community facility, which is the focus of one prompt, is a highly abstract term more suited to older students.
  • Consider the complexity of the structure appropriate to the purpose. For example, narrating requires the writer to use a more complex structure than describing or recounting.
  • Some prompts will suit older students because they cover topics relating to the wider world. The prompts below are written in slightly simplified language and are better suited to younger students.
Teacher and child working with a book and computer.

Recounting prompts
Whānau and family time, Time with friends, and What I did well.

Describing prompts
Girl, Adult and child, and Dogs at the beach.

Images with tests

When generating writing tests, you will notice that some tests have images and some do not. This is intentional.

The following explains the distinction.

  • Whanau and family time prompt does not have an associated image because students should be recounting an actual experience with their family. Providing an image may influence what the students write about.
  • Dogs at the beach test does have an image. It is expected students will use this image to describe a moment in time.

Download writing prompts with images


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