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Choosing a test type

Different subjects have different test types available. The main types are Customised, Adaptive and Writing prompts.



Maths Custom, Adaptive
Reading Custom, Adaptive
Pangarau Custom
Panui Custom
Writing Writing Prompt
Tuhituhi Writing Prompt (Task)

If you already have a test you like, the "Copy test" and "Create Similar Test" functions allow you to use it as a template. You must copy a test when administering it to a new group of students if you want them to be reported separately.

Choosing Custom versus Adaptive test types

For maths and reading, you must choose between a Custom or Adaptive test.

Custom tests are the most popular test type. With a Custom test, you have the most control over tailoring your test to your specifications. You can see all the questions before your students sit it. For onscreen Custom Reading tests, you can print a reading passage booklet for students to read on paper.

Adaptive tests are onscreen-only tests that adjust to students’ performance as they sit each stage. There are some advantages to using Adaptive tests, particularly if you do not have much information about your students’ previous performance. However, Adaptive tests also have limitations that need to be considered carefully.




Delivery Mode Paper or onscreen Onscreen only
Viewing tests Able to view all questions Able to view first stage only
Replace questions Allowed Not allowed
Question Types Closed and open Closed only
Marking required Data entry required for paper, Marking open questions required for onscreen 100% computer marked
Difficulty selections Chosen by you Boundaries chosen by you, difficulty adapts during the test.
Reading passage booklets Available Not available

Administration guides to download 

It is important that you read the administration instructions prior to your students sitting a test. The information provided in the following administration guidelines vary according to subject, delivery method, and test type. For example, the guidelines for Maths outline when calculators can be used. The guidelines for writing outline that dictionaries, thesauruses, or other spelling aids are not to be used.


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