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Strand keys

When you are viewing the student result summary tables, the strands are shown on the far left side of the table. Below is a table showing the strand keys for each area.

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Reading Strands are represented as:

  • Processes and Strategies (PS in red square)
  • Purpose and Audience (PA in orange square)
  • Ideas (ID in blue square)
  • Language Features (LF in yellow square)
  • Structure (ST in green square).

Mathematics Strands are represented as:

  • Number Knowledge (NK in blue square)
  • Number Sense & Operations (NO in purple square)
  • Algebra (AL in orange square)
  • Measurement (ME in blue square)
  • Shape (SH in yellow square)
  • Position, Orientation & Transformation (PI in orange square)
  • Probability (PB in purple square)
  • Statistics (ST in brown square).

Writing/Tuhituhi Strands are represented as:

  • Narrate (NA in blue square)
  • Recount (RE in yellow square)
  • Describe (DE in orange square)
  • Explain (EX in red square)
  • Persuade (PE in brown square)
  • Instruct (IN in green square).

Pānui Strands are represented as:

  • Finding Information (FI in red square)
  • Finding Information (IE in yellow square)
  • Knowledge (KN in blue square)
  • Understanding (UN in green square).

Pāngarau Strands are represented as:

  • Number (NU in blue square)
  • Algebra (AL in red square)
  • Geometry (GE in yellow square)
  • Statistics (ST in brown square)
  • Measurement (ME in blue square).


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