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Changes to e-asTTle coming soon

Published on Wednesday July 10, 2024

The Ministry has been working on improving e-asTTle’s technical components to enhance the user experience and improve the security, privacy, and longevity of the tool. While the upgrades are mostly targeted at back-end technologies, users will notice a new platform look and feel while navigating the interface. This update will go live in late July 2024.

The most notable change is a new interactive graph for displaying individual student progress over time. This can be found in the Student Result Summary page of e-asTTle. 

Two key features that are being removed are the What Next Profile report and the Numeracy Project. The What Next Profile is being removed due to the current migration of content from TKI to Tāhūrangi. It will be reviewed and refreshed in the future.    

The ability to input Numeracy Project test data into e-asTTle has been removed. If you are using this page, the Ministry will have contacted you to prepare for this change.  


Summary of the main changes:


  • The removal of Numeracy Project area.  
  • A new interactive graph available for displaying individual progress over time. It is found in Summaries & Target > View Student Result Summary.  
  • Collapsible vertical option bars. 
  • Most rows in tables are now clickable (rather than having to click on a small check box or a title). 
  • View Reports section enhanced, and icons reorganised. 
  • Streamlined Mark Test experience. 
  • Bug fixes in the Group Target Summary displays. 
  • More intuitive calendar functions. 
  • Student Exclusions section now easier to exclude groups. 
  • Page titles reformatted for consistency across the application. 


The upcoming upgrade does not affect the following:

  • Test items or reporting functions (except for the Student Result Summary).
  • Existing data - norms and scale scores are not changed and test results stored in e-asTTle are not affected.
  • Student portal (this will be updated later in the year).


The system will continue to be monitored closely, and the Ministry will continue to work on further enhancements and release additional advice as needed. 

Additionally, the Ministry is preparing new e-asTTle resources for Tāhūrangi as part of wider platform migration work. These will be available soon and will reflect the updated version of e-asTTle. 

We hope that you enjoy the new changes to the application. 

As always, if you have any further questions, please reach out to our Education Service Desk Team by calling 0800 225 5428 or by emailing [email protected]  

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