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Term 1, 2023 - using e-asTTle during peak times

Published on Monday January 30, 2023

We know how valuable e-asTTle is as an assessment tool for schools and kura, and we are aware that e-asTTle servers have been experiencing technical challenges – particularly when dealing with high user demand during peak assessment times. To address these issues, we have increased the capacity of the e-asTTle servers to strengthen performance and access; and will continue to monitor usage data to help us improve e-asTTle services into the future.

This work is ongoing, and until it is complete there is still a chance that users will experience disruptions when using the tool during peak times – especially if it is not appropriately planned for. 

To help ensure a smooth e-asTTle experience for yourself and your students, we are advising that you review your assessment practices and take one or more of the following steps:

  • Administer e-asTTle assessments during off-peak times wherever possible. Peak times in Term 1 are Monday to Thursday, during Weeks 3 – 5. High volumes of testing occur between 9am – 11am.
  • Administer assessments by classes rather than by large year/group cohorts.
  • Administer paper-based assessments, which will allow kaiako to undertake assessments at the time that best suits them and their ākonga.
  • Primary schools administer from Week 6.
  • Use the previous end of year e-asTTle result (if available) rather than retesting at start of year (either information from contributing school or through ‘in school’ transition processes). 
  • Avoid using the following e-asTTle features during peak morning times (9am – 11am):
    • Create New Test
    • Mark Test
    • View Reports
    • Summaries & Targets
    • Manage Students, including Resetting Passwords (have this prepared in advance)
    • Import
    • Practice Test

Thank you for your support. If you have any further questions, please email our Service Desk at service.desk@education.govt.nz, or call on 0800 225 5428 (Option 2). 

You can also contact your Regional Ministry office for support.

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