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e-asTTle testing tips and tricks

Published on Friday November 3, 2017

e-asTTle testing tips and tricks

November is the busiest time of the year for e-asTTle, with lots of teachers and students using it for testing. The system can sometimes slow down during busy periods when there are lots of users. To make sure you have the fastest and smoothest experience, before your testing day, make sure you: 

  • prepare early by creating and assign testing before the date required
  • ensure all your students are loaded into e-asTTle
  • print off student logins the day before testing
  • do not load .ast files between 9:00am–3:00pm

On the day of testing:

  • Consider testing students in the afternoon. The number of students sitting tests tends to be lower in the afternoon.  
  • If you or your students have an issue, in the first instance clear your browser history, then click on link for e-asTTle FAQ's or e-asTTle Help

To avoid online testing problems altogether, you can create a paper test and have your students sit it offline — this way you won’t be impacted by the number of other users. You can follow instructions here to print the test: http://easttlehelp.vln.school.nz/view-tests/printing-tests. Instructions for marking printed tests are here: http://easttlehelp.vln.school.nz/mark-test/mark-test-navigation-paper

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