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Importing Version 4 tests

For frequently asked questions about importing v4 tests, please click on the links below.

I imported an asTTle Version 4 test, but the end of the test’s name was cut off.

There is a 20 character limit on Test Names in e-asTTle. If the asTTle v4 test’s name was longer than 20 characters, it will be truncated. You can rename the test if you want to on the View Test information screen.

When I try to import a Version 4 Writing/Tuhituhi test, I get an error message saying the subject is not supported.

Importing version 4 writing and tuhituhi tests is not supported in e-asTTle. To use the same writing/tuhituhi task in e-asTTle, select the task when you create the test in e-asTTle.

When I import a Version 4 test, why do I get a warning message about importing outside of school hours?

The warning message is a generic message for all imports. Student import files are best done after hours because it puts extra load on the e-asTTle system and can slow the system down for other users. This is not an issue for importing v4 tests.

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