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Set up steps for e-asTTle external coordinators

e-asTTle External Coordinators should complete each of the following set up steps. Optional steps are highly recommended.

Step 1: Apply for an ESL account | Step 2: Review e-asTTle support material | Step 3: Check system requirements

Step 1: Apply for an ESL account (username & password for accessing e-asTTle)

This step is mandatory

Usernames and passwords are required for every person that requires access to e-asTTle.

Access to e-asTTle is via the Education Sector Logon (ESL) system, which is progressively being rolled out across the Education Sector. Accordingly, every e-asTTle user will require an ESL account (username and password). ESL accounts for External Coordinators can be obtained by completing the e-asTTle Access Request Form (External Coordinator) below.


A separate e-asTTle Access Request Form (External Coordinator) must be completed for each person requiring access to e-asTTle as an External Coordinator.

By completing an e-asTTle Access Request Form (External Coordinator) applicants are asked to declare that they have read and have understood the Education Sector - Conditions of Use form below.

Timely processing of e-asTTle accounts will only be possible if the e-asTTle Access Request Form (External Coordinator) is accurately completed. Before sending completed forms to the Ministry of Education Contact Centre, please ensure:

  • all mandatory fields have been completed (those fields marked with an *)
  • forms have been signed (by the applicant) and authorised (by the applicant's line manager).

Step 2: Review the e-asTTle support material

This step is optional

External Coordinators are strongly encouraged to review the e-asTTle support material, which includes:

In particular, External Coordinators should pay particular attention to the:

Finally, external coordinators may wish to access the e-asTTle training environment, which provides a safe environment (a sandpit) for trialling and/or demonstrating different aspects of e-asTTle. To access the e-asTTle training environment, please contact the Education service desk at servicedesk@education.govt.nz, to obtain the appropriate ESL account (which is separate and additional to the ESL account obtained in Step 1). The e-asTTle Training Environment can be accessed from the following URLs (website addresses), depending on the e-asTTle role that you wish to use.

Step 3: Check the e-asTTle system requirements

This step is mandatory

e-asTTle will work most effectively if each computer used to access e-asTTle meets the e-asTTle system requirements.

It is essential that any computer used to access e-asTTle meet these requirements.

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