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e-asTTle enhancements for online testing

Published on Friday February 5, 2016

We have made e-asTTle easier to use in 2016.

We have:    

  • made it possible for students to take tests on 9+inch tablet devices that have the necessary browser, screen resolution, physical size, and other technical requirements. The requirements are shown on  the e-asTTle Help website.    
  • introduced a new-look interface for the student portal and the test player. The test player is used for students to sit tests and for teachers to create them.
  • made the student portal and test player touch compatible. This will allow use on both desktop and 9+inch tablet devices with touch screens.
  • provided simpler navigation and plain English instructions.  
  • introduced a practice test for each subject which both teachers and students can access at any time without logging in. This practice test will replace the existing practice questions.  
  • made better use of screen layouts. This minimises scrolling to see test content.
  • improved connectivity management. This means that students are less likely to lose their work if they get disconnected while taking a test.

The changes are available from 9 February 2016.    

For more information, visit the home page of the e-asTTle Help website. Links to all information are provided here.

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