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Facilitated training

e-asTTle training and support opportunities are available throughout New Zealand at no cost to participants. This initial support is funded by the Ministry of Education and provided by facilitators from Evaluation Associates. The training and support is in the form of introductory regional seminars and some in-school support for those schools already using e-asTTle.

Regional workshops: e-asTTle for Teaching & Learning

Ministry-funded e-asTTle workshops are held at no cost to schools across all regions. The workshops support new or current users to develop a sound knowledge of how best to use this assessment tool in reading, writing and mathematics.
To ensure this support is available for as many schools as possible, registrations are limited to two participants per school.

There are four series of seminars:

  • The essentials of e-asTTle for reading and mathematics
  • e-asTTle – taking it to the next level
  • An introduction to e-asTTle writing
  • Marking e-asTTle writing with confidence

Details and registration information are provided on the Evaluation Associates website.

Some in-school support is also available and can be in the form of a phone call, email, Skype or an on-site visit. To request assistance or information regarding this support, please contact info@evaluate.co.nz.

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